Evolving Baybayin Text Typeface Design Principles

Session 2

Thursday, 30 September 2021

7:30 PM CST – 8:00 PM CST



  • English
The Baybayin script, which has been present before Magellan's landing in the Philippines, has been attested in books. In there, glyph evolution came from transferring from palm leaves and bamboo to the printing press. This talk attempts to continue the evolution of Baybayin without the brute force of excessive Latinisation and with due respect to the previous designers and the current context.
  • Cases

    Rafa Cases


    I'm a designer, trained as an architect, where numerous design fields and aspects are studied so that there is a better sense of harmony and unity in the space and experience of the user. I also see the local cultural items, and that includes local scripts, where the local experience deserves to be respectfully presented to the rest of the world, but not necessarily homogenised.

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