Fonts for video games: overlooked and underserved

Session 4

Friday, 1 October 2021

7:30 PM CST – 8:00 PM CST



  • English

Font technology lags far behind in the world of video game engines: support for vector-based font formats is limited, and support for OpenType features is almost non-existent. Bitmap fonts are prevalent (with a rising renaissance of retro-style games), but font editors can't export them. Foundry licenses are widely incompatible with video game development. Video games are a $180B industry, bigger than movies and sports combined—so there must be some opportunities here.

Join me for a brief introduction to fonts in video game development. I'll discuss game engines, unusual font formats, tools available for type designers, and asset marketplaces to distribute your fonts.

  • Justin Penner


    Justin Penner is an independent typeface designer based in Vancouver, Canada. He also works in commercial printing, signmaking, and is interested in coding and web design. He prefers starting projects rather than finishing them, and doing work over sharing his work, but he wants to change and that's why he's taking part in TypeWknd.

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