How people and their environment shape a type and visual language

Session 2

Thursday, 30 September 2021

7:30 PM CDT – 8:00 PM CDT



  • English
The talk will discuss in detail and analyze how the works of DTP artists have subconsciously shaped and defined the type and visual language culture for the Indian mass (especially in the tier-two and tier-three cities), what could potentially also be called the Indian Graphic Language. It will further highlight its application into the mainstream (and India's leading news media channels). A part of the talk will be focused on artworks that celebrate these compositions and design choices while leaving the audience with a prompt of how can we, as graphic and communication designers, contribute to further recognizing this.
  • Harshal Duddalwar


    Harshal Duddalwar is an independent graphic and communication designer based in Mumbai, India, and an incoming MFA student at the Rhode Island School of Design, PVD, RI. Intrigued by optimal, functional, yet emotive visuals, he takes a research-led and process-driven approach to his work. Interested in typography, layouts, brands, and philosophies, besides social design, his practice focuses on branding, editorial, system, and experience design.

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