A drop of ink, a drop of Persian culture

Session 4

Friday, 1 October 2021

5:00 PM CST – 6:00 PM CST




In these workshop, I will teach the students how to do calligraphy with different Arabic letters and combine them into Farsi words. Then, they did a large calligraphy piece by using those letters in their freestyle. After that, they will put a cardboard frame on their calligraphy piece to pick the best compositions made by letterforms. When they picked their favorite compositions, they cut them out from the main calligraphy piece and then rearranged them into the form of a large coherent composition.
  • Maryam Khaleghiyazdi

    United States

    Maryam is an Iranian multimedia artist and design professor based in Minnesota. The area of her work and teaching covers different realms like Typography, digital art, illustration, augmented reality, animation, and graphic design. Currently, Maryam is exploring her identity as a person who has migrated from Iran to the United States.

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