A Recapitulative Guide to Tirhuta Typography

Session 1

Thursday, 30 September 2021

11:00 AM CST – 11:30 AM CST



  • English
  • Nepali
The presentation will be featuring the evolution of the Tirhuta script used to write the Maithili language spoken by 88 million (data obtained by estimation of the author, which will also be explained in the presentation) people in East India and Southern Nepal from it's Brahmi-based predecessors. It will speculate on topics such as the calligraphic tradition of the script having it's origin in the 10th century CE or even before. The affinity of the script to it's sister writing systems such as the Bengali and Assamese alphasyllabaries and it's typographical transformational history. It will also feature a talk on the political scenario in both India and Nepal along with other reasons which led to the downfall of the script and will brief about the current revival surge it has been undergoing. An orientation on adaptation of Tirhuta in typeface designing will also be offered. The workshop will demonstrate the calligraphy styles in Tirhuta and also teach the script to the participating individuals and try to cover a less delved topic about the rules of conjunct formation. Apart from the basic writing materials like paper and pens the workshop also requires any calligraphic writing material, usually flat-tip pens/brushes are preferred over round-tip pens/brushes.
  • Samrāṭ Jhā


    Samrāṭ Jhā (18th September 2003-Present) is a self-taught calligrapher, typeface designer, linguist and a revivalist of the Tirhuta script from Nepal. He has been studying as well as researching manuscripts, calligraphic styles and developmental typography related to Tirhuta for about four years. Jhā has successfully developed a Tirhuta keyboard using the Keyman Developer 9.0 in association with Bangladesh-based Dineśaratna Prabhākara Siddhārtha which is yet to be released. Currently, He is also working on a Tirhuta typeface project with Erin McLaughlin, Jayant Kumar and Ratan Ananda Karna.

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