All set! About characters, glyphs and which set to include in your font

Session 3

Friday, 1 October 2021

1:30 PM CST – 2:00 PM CST



  • English

Type design is a time consuming activity, therefore it is necessary to think about how to use time more effectively. As the size of the glyph set greatly impacts the production time, it is most important to balance effort and glyph count. A well-conceived set can benefit both the designer and the end user. Additionally, a certain glyph coverage can set your foundry apart, or even be a political statement by supporting minority scripts.

This talk will discuss:

  • existing standards (by Adobe, Google, etc.)
  • criteria to determine a glyph set, considering purpose, style and audience of the design
  • my advice on determining the glyph set, where to start and what to keep in mind
  • comparison of other foundries‚Äô approaches
  • Nina Botthof


    Nina Botthof is an Austrian type designer. Before graduating from TypeMedia in 2020 she studied Information Design and Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum Graz. During several visits abroad in London, Berlin and Tel Aviv she discovered her love for type and different cultural approaches to typography. Now she works as an independent type designer and typographer in Graz.

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