Chakma script handwriting to digitization

Session 5

Saturday, 2 October 2021

9:30 AM CST – 10:00 AM CST



  • English
I would like to talk to you about my Chakma script handwriting to digitization, and how it advanced to become digital, revived from being endangered, connected with social media, messaging platform, and YouTube. Since I was born, I have found that my script has been very neglected. If the script is lost then we will disappear one day. This script needs to be protected. To protect my script I made it digital, starting with creating a font. The font name is "RibengUni". It now works well s in modern technology, on computers, internet and smartphones. Then I had to create a Chakma keyboard layout. It was upgraded with the help of the Keyman team. This keyboard name is "Easy Chakma Keyboard" and it supports iPhone and iPad, Linux, macOS, Android, Windows, mobile web, web. In May 2018, Facebook added our Chakma script. Google's Gboard app added my keyboard layout on Android in September 2019. We added a virtual keyboard, Chakma Converter, and some resources for Chakma script. I have published my activities in a book.
  • Bivuti Suz Moriz

    Bangladesh, Sylhet District

    Bivuti is a Chakma font developer and Chakma keyboard layout Creator. His is from Bangladesh. He was studied at Noadam Govt Primary School, Bandukbhanga High School, Moanoghar Residential High School & Rangamati Govt College. He has SSC and HSC degree. He have been working with Chakma Script from 1998 at present. He is skillful of Office Program, FontForge, FontLab, Fontographer, TypeTool, he also an excellent typist of Chakma, Bangla & English Languages. He is the writer of “Chakma Mini Grammar”. He also writes various Chakma Book. He is the creator of most used Chakma Unicode Font of “RibengUni” Chakma Unicode font. He also made “Easy Chakma” Keyboard. He is now working with Translation Commons, Unicode Consortium, Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Facebook & Keyman team for implementation the Chakma language over the globe. Also working on CLDR Project of Unicode Consortium.

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