Chancho va, reloaded

Session 1

Thursday, 30 September 2021

2:00 PM CST – 4:00 PM CST


  • English
  • Spanish

“Chancho va, Reloaded” is a Type Game where participants will draw alphabets together, aiming to create proto-fonts. Each participant will start drawing in one font file and through a “rotation” in Github the next player will continue filling the glyph slots, until the round is complete.

The game will start live on Thursday, and we will play together a few rounds. Friday and Saturday the players will continue playing together via a Discord channel, with the Chancho va team moderation.The game will end vía Discord on Saturday noon.

As bonus track, players will get to work with GitHub and UFO while meeting new type friends and learning how to draw letters from each other. Observation and following the rules are key.


A couple of days before the game starts the players must send a .UFO file of their own, containing 3 or 4 glyphs.

  • Computer with font editors
  • An intermediate level in drawing fonts
  • Basic knowledge of Github (pull-commit-push)
  • Availability to play 3 days remotely (vía Discord)

Questions or need more info:
Rules: https://chanchooo-vaaa.github....

  • Angelina Sanchez

    Angelina Sanchez is a graphic designer, specialist in typeface design. She studied at the University of Buenos Aires. She works as an independent designer and teaches typography and editorial design at the Universidad de Lanús. She is interested in the traditional crafts that were related to drawing letters in the past and the circulation of that knowledge, before there was even a discipline called “graphic design”.

  • Carolina Giovagnoli


    Carolina Giovagnoli is an Argentinian type designer based in Berlin. She combines her passion for editorial design and letters in type design.

    She is also co-founder and partner of Huerta Tipográfica, where she develops and sells her fonts. Her design approach is based on the concept, the context, and the readers.

    She worked in several type families: Andada, Sura, Camadea, Weg, and Robots.

    She has given lectures and workshops at several events and educational institutions.

  • Diogo Ramos

    Diogo Ramos is a Brazilian publicist and specialist in typeface design that lives in Italy since 2020. Because of his passion for typography, he has started a Master's Degree in the UBA (University of Buenos Aires), where his typographic project "Terezinha" was born. Besides designing typographies, also does lettering and illustrations.

  • Florencia Yacante Biassoni

    Florencia Yacante Biassoni is an Argentinian graphic and type designer, digital and analog letters –and photography– enthusiast.

  • Muk Monsalve

    Muk Monsalve a graphic and type designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is also a teacher and researcher at University of Buenos Aires (FADU) and in the National University of Arts (UNA). She loves materials and experimentation that’s why with @Defrenéticas she makes letter installations. She got her BA in Graphic Design at UBA (FADU) and her MA in The Netherlands (Type]Media), KABK.

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