Discovering the Recipe to Value-Based Pricing

Session 6

Saturday, 2 October 2021

7:00 PM CST – 7:30 PM CST



  • English
As freelancers and creatives, we are always searching for ways to better serve our clients, increase our revenue and provide value within our skills. Buuuut this is also while trying to find our creative flow and voice, juggle imposter syndrome and self-worth issues, as well as not get sucked into becoming the doormat designer. It's a struggle in the juggle, a shared experience, and something that connects a lot of us. And one of the biggest parts of that is the value proposition; how valuable am I to the client really? This talk will explore how to develop a Value-Based Pricing mindset by looking at what we are creating and defining who it's actually valuable to. By shifting this mindset, we can start to move away from the price per hour mindset and really open up the avenues for providing value, but also being paid for the value we are providing. My goal is to have the mind of anyone who is creating for a living shifted to focusing on what is valuable, not what is billable, and charging accordingly.
  • Jasmine Holmes


    So there's two sides to Jaz of Jasmine Designs, each with a unique set of skills.

    If you are looking for a Design Superwoman, I can tell you she's what you are looking for. What she does have are a very particular set of skills; skills she has acquired over a very long career. Skills that make her a dream to work with for people like you. If you trust her with your creative problem, that'll be the end of it.

    Maybe you need someone to fly in and fix all your design problems, then fly away until you need her again. Jaz is the secret weapon in your back pocket, should you choose to use it.

    Or maybe you need help being rescued from billing bad guys, crooked clients and pricing villans? You might need a helping hand to guide you through the maze of billable hours, confusing contracts, or running a successful creative business.

    Either way, Jaz is there to help, whether you be client or student

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