Exploring the Cherokee Syllabary

Session 6

Saturday, 2 October 2021

6:30 PM CST – 7:00 PM CST



  • English
This year, 2021, is the bicentennial of the Cherokee syllabary. In this talk, we'll look at the history of the syllabary, its development, and its inventor, Sequoyah. Then we'll talk about recent developments and what could lie ahead for the syllabary. I'll also talk about my personal journey, as a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, beginning to learn the syllabary and working on making Cherokee typefaces.
  • Chris Skillern

    United States

    Chris Skillern is a type designer and citizen of the Cherokee Nation from Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he lives with his wife and their daughter. Chris traces his love of drawing letters back to his childhood spent drawing cartoons and, later, to his involvement in Tulsa's punk rock and underground music scene, making flyers and posters for his band and others. Though he's worked as a graphic designer since graduating from college, he is working toward a career in type design, and he is currently a student in Type West, the Letterform Archive's postgraduate certificate program in type design. As a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, Chris has long been interested in the Cherokee syllabary and designing new typefaces for the syllabary. He is pleased to meet you.

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