Font of the Month Club "Gather" giveaway

Session 3

Friday, 1 October 2021

9:00 AM CST – 9:30 AM CST



Join us for a short session describing a giveaway from TypeWknd sponsor, Font of the Month Club!

To participate:

1. Use your lettering / calligraphy / font-making skills to create your own unique version of this year's theme word, "Gather", in any language or script that you please!

2. Follow @typewknd & @fontofthemonth on Instagram

3. Upload your image of "Gather" to your Instagram account. In the description, use the hashtag #typewkndgather

Submit your entry by Sunday, 8:00 AM CST / 1:00 PM GMT / 6:30 PM IST

We will announce the winners during the Sunday 12:30 PM CST / 5:30 PM GMT / 11:30 PM IST timeslot!

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