HT LetterSpacer. A smarter approach to font spacing.

Session 3

Friday, 1 October 2021

11:30 AM CST – 12:30 PM CST




In this workshop, you will learn about HT LetterSpacer while using it.

With this method, you will know how to implement this powerful tool designed for making the spacing of a family consistent across different variables, scripts, and styles.

We will have

  • a presentation of the concepts behind the tool,
  • a live demonstration of how to install and use it,
  • a deep explanation of the spacing parameters and the rules and exceptions set in the configuration files.

In this workshop, you will

  • Work on existing font/s (can be yours or open-source projects).
  • Set and optimize the LetterSpacer parameters.
  • Re-space fonts and compare results.

You will need:

  • A computer running Glyphs.
  • Experience in font editing software.
  • Optional: a font you'd like to apply the script to (if you don't have one we will provide example fonts to re-space).

The workshop will be held in English with Spanish support.

  • Carolina Giovagnoli


    Carolina Giovagnoli is an Argentinian type designer based in Berlin. She combines her passion for editorial design and letters in type design.

    She is also co-founder and partner of Huerta Tipográfica, where she develops and sells her fonts. Her design approach is based on the concept, the context, and the readers.

    She worked in several type families: Andada, Sura, Camadea, Weg, and Robots.

    She has given lectures and workshops at several events and educational institutions.

  • Juan Pablo del Peral


    Typography specialist, font developer, and visual designer from Mendoza, Argentina.

    He has lectured on type design and given workshops in diverse events and schools in Latin America. He is one of the co-founders of Huerta Tipográfica type foundry.

    He has worked in several multi-script and open-source type projects including Alegreya, Piazzolla, and Montserrat. He is head Professor in Typography 1 at the UNCuyo University. Currently, he lives and works in The Hague, Netherlands.

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