Lettering Workshop: Making Cyrillic & Latin cohabit the same visual environment

Session 5

Saturday, 2 October 2021

11:30 AM CST – 12:30 PM CST




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Discover what your favorite Latin book cover or a movie poster would look like in Cyrillic.

Join our 60-min lettering workshop and learn the fundamentals of visually complementing these two different scripts!

This is your first date with Cyrillic, or maybe you already have some experience with the script? That's great, because the program is carefully crafted and adjusted so everyone can join.

During this live workshop, you will get an introduction to the principles of Cyrillic and on spot opportunity to put your freshly obtained knowledge into action.

With a series of feedbacks from the native Cyrillic Type Designer, Jovana Jocić, you will be ready to draw Cyrillic companions of already existing Latin lettering pieces.

Examples used will be specifically chosen for this event, so prepare your favorite drawing medium and get ready to experiment.

  • Jovana Jocić


    Jovana Jocić is a type designer & lettering artist from Belgrade, Serbia.

    After receiving a MA in Type design at the University of Arts in Belgrade, she has graduated from the Type and Media course in the summer of 2020.

    Currently based in Serbia, Jovana is working as a freelance type designer focusing on Latin and Cyrillic scripts, and providing Cyrillic consultations. Born in Eastern Europe, and raised around both simultaneously, Jovana aspires to raise awareness and public knowledge of non-Latin scripts and their role in the contemporary world. Besides that, she is also interested in lettering, and old signs.

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