Letters from home

Session 1

Thursday, 30 September 2021

10:00 AM CST – 10:30 AM CST



  • English

How do multicultural environments and dynamic visual trends influence the perception of letterforms? Especially when limited interaction with a regional script advances different approaches to interpretation and documentation. Thirty-five days of experimenting with Gurmukhi characters unfolded into an exploration that entailed vivid representations and an engaging contemporary direction. This talk deliberates such nuances through sociolinguistics, narrative research and visual communication.

  • Amrit Warwal


    Amrit is a 17-year-old interdisciplinary visual artist and type enthusiast based in New Delhi. She holds a Diploma in Fine Arts from the National Institute of Fine Arts, New Delhi. She has worked with community organizations like Youth Action Hub-India and Forbidden Verses as a designer to bridge the gap between social activism and advocacy. Amrit is truly in her element as she explores museums, literature and films whilst appreciating these unique cultural landscapes.

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