Mauricio Amster, tipógrafo antifascista

Session 3

Friday, 1 October 2021

2:00 PM CST – 2:30 PM CST



  • Español
Mauricio Amster Cats is a leading Polish editorial designer who worked for 40 years in Chile as a publisher, potter, lettering artist and teacher. He published two books on graphic standards to support his classes at the school of journalism and design hundreds of books. Son of Jewish parents persecuted by the Nazi regime, as a young man he studied graphic arts in Germany. Together with his friend Mariano Rawicz he travelled to Spain to take part in the civil war. In Madrid he designed newspapers, pamphlets, posters and books, the best known being the Cartilla Escolar Antifascista, a study book for militiamen. As a refugee he travelled to Chile on the Winnipeg, a ship prepared by Pablo Neruda (Chilean poet, diplomat, winner of the Nobel Prize) where he arrived with his wife Adina, a Spanish bookbinder with whom he shared his life. In Chile he started out as an anarchist, but as time went by he became part of Chilean culture until he became probably the most important designer of the last century. This talk is biographic and graphic, with a lot of images, books and editorial context.
  • Joaquín Contreras


    He is currently involved in the foundry Fruti Type and the difusion project As a graphic designer was part of Estudio Navaja and the editorial collective Lanzallamas, and a big part of his life was a professor of graphic design and typography. His work has been continuously dedicated to the creation of posters, t-shirts and album covers for bands and also poetry books and online magazines. He has given talks and workshops on type design and typography in Chile, Bolivia, Mexico and Slovakia.

    Recently graduated from the Expert Class Type Design (Plantin Institute, Belgium) and experimenting in arabic type design.

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