Relations between typography and politics from the perspective of a young Brazilian

Session 8

Sunday, 3 October 2021

6:00 PM CST – 6:30 PM CST



  • Portuguese
The politicization of spaces has become an increasingly recurrent activity for Brazilians, as the depoliticization of everyday life has contributed to the genocidal policy implemented by the government. Being a young Brazilian worker seeking to materialize your dreams is to constantly face the oppressions that surround our existence. It is from this place of deprivation that the need arises to politicize the field of work itself, in the expectation of producing new fair and egalitarian labor arrangements. In this presentation, some oppressions that permeate the production of typographies will be observed, identifying causes, consequences and possible remedies.
  • Cazon

    Eduardo Cazon


    Eduardo Cazon is a bisexual latin american boy from the interior of São Paulo and graduated in design from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil. His final graduation project was the creation of a text typography for books against oppression, relating a socialist stance with typographic practice and the visual aspects of letters. His interest is in linking design and politics through research, teaching and socially engaged practice.

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