Strategy for foundries

Session 5

Saturday, 2 October 2021

1:30 PM CST – 2:00 PM CST



  • English
Selling fonts and creating a strong brand for a foundry is not an easy task. In our evermore crowded market it is more important than ever to think strategically on how to market, create value with our fonts.

In this talk I would like to share some thoughts on our strategic thinking can help us to set up the right communication with our customers and creating more value for the foundry. We will talk about marketing, product and strategy. How to evolve from designers to a more business oriented form to helps thrive in the digital era.

Right now digital transformations are happening in many industries and the way people interact with products. We can too think about new ways to interact with our users and customers.

I will share some of my experience running Nova Type Foundry and being a type designer for more than 10 years now. We will look at trends in the digital transformation and how type design can also be part of it. In the last year I have been attending the Digital MBA in Porto Business School that has helped to put a lot of what we do in the type industry in a different perspective and I hope to share some of the insights with you.

  • Joana Correia


    Hello, my name is Joana Correia, and Nova Type is my solo adventure into retail type design. I studied architecture and graphic design, but I am passionate about letters.

    I went on to acquire an MA in Typeface Design from the University of Reading, UK in 2011, where I won a coveted Granshan award for the Artigo font family.

    Upon graduation, I returned to my hometown of Porto, Portugal to teach type design at the School of Art and Design of Matosinhos, ESAD. During that time I published several typefaces for Google Fonts and Indian Type Foundry. I designed Canberra, a sharp slab serif published by FontYou (now named Black[Foundry]), and designed one of the first Devanagari fonts on Google Fonts, called Karma, followed by the Tamil font Arima. I love to go for long walks to clear her head and get inspired by the invigorating city of Porto, and of course my dog Kimi always joins.

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