Testing Fonts on the Web with TypeTuner

Session 8

Sunday, 3 October 2021

6:30 PM CST – 7:00 PM CST



  • English

TypeTuner is an upcoming browser extension that allows the user to apply a local font to any web page, as well as to configure values for variable font axes. In this talk, Mew will present the inspiration and the process of creating the extension and provide a technical overview and a demo. She will also share how the tool fits into her type design workflow. For type designers, seeing their fonts in use outside of the font editor can be an important part of the design process. In situ, certain characteristics of how the letterforms function together may become more apparent than when they were in isolation. If you’d like to test fonts on the web, at minimum you have to create an HTML document and set up the font face declaration and the font family in CSS. This alone can be a time-consuming process. To use an existing web page, the web inspector will let you inspect and modify the fonts that are already embedded or installed on your machine, but what if you’d like to test out a font you’re working on? TypeTuner wants to make this easier.

  • Mew Ophaswongse

    United States

    Mew Ophaswongse is a software engineer and typeface designer based in San Francisco, originally from Bangkok, Thailand. She currently works at Wikimedia Foundation, where she builds features for new Wikipedia editors. She graduated from Type@Cooper West in 2018. Her journey to type design started with her humanities education—while studying philosophy, she became curious about about how the form and the design of combinations of written characters generate meaning and emotional associations. She’s explored this curiosity through the lenses of aesthetics, cultural studies, philosophy of language, and technology. To her, type design brings all these disciplines together.

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