Type in motion. Storyboard for typography

Session 6

Saturday, 2 October 2021

5:00 PM CST – 6:00 PM CST




Designing motion graphics implies thinking about the issues of motion and the transformation of visual signs over time and synchronized with a sound or music. When it comes to typography, we have to consider readability. The letter, the form and the counter-form, in motion, has a duration that determines its existence, and the time of its reading. How does this process work?

We will see a very short Type in motion work in progress with some examples I do for TypeTogether. I will share some tips with you to get started with typography in motion. In the workshop we’ll work in the first stage of this process. We will make a storyboard for a five-second moving typographic piece, following what the music inspires us. We will see the rhythm and speed for the shapes. Then if you dare and have time, you can digitize the storyboard in a simple animation with a software that you use. For this workshop you will need a pencil and paper to draw.

  • Cecilia Brarda


    María Cecilia Brarda has a degree in Visual Communication Design. She is graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, in Santa Fe, Argentina. She completed a Master's Degree in Typography, Disciplines and Uses at the University of Barcelona. She is a freelance designer and has been working in motion graphics for 10 years now. Since 2016, she works in type in motion projects for TypeTogether.

    She published the book:Motion Graphics Design. The creative direction in TV branding, with Gustavo Gili Publishing House in Barcelona.

    In the Faculty she is a teacher-researcher. She teaches in Design, Graphic Communication, and Morphology. She also teaches several postgraduate courses of Type in motion and Motion graphics since 2012. She has participated in conferences and given workshops in national and international events.

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