Variable Workshop: Theory, Basics, and Playing with Potential in Glyphs

Session 8

Sunday, 3 October 2021

5:00 PM CST – 6:00 PM CST




Variable fonts are on the rise among designers, yet the medium is still foreign to many, the development process slow, and the format still tame. In this workshop, designers will learn the fundamentals of the variable font format by developing simple 'characters' as exercises. We'll make circles change to squares, arrows change where they point, and animation use principles to speculate on a learn about the variable font format in Glyphs
  • Kaleb Dean

    United States

    Kaleb Dean runs Pen and Lens Design and has an MDes from the School of Design at The University of Illinois at Chicago. His work focuses on brand and identity projects, informational publication design, and innovative interaction design. He teaches the foundations of graphic design, typography, and interaction design.

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